Thank you Cadillac and Midland!

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My two Seasons of Hope Concert's were wonderful times of worship and fun in both my towns, Cadillac and Midland. We used these concerts to not only release my newest CD, Sunshine Lane, but also to raise money for a much needed cause, Be The Match, which tests people to possibly be a Bone Marrow Donor. Be The Match educates the public on the importance of and ease of becoming a Bone Marrow Donor, and they register people just like you and me at various events around the state. They need donations in order to test more people!

Mary Helen Juengel, of Midland, daughter of my dear friend and booking agent Marni, joined me on stage to debut her hit single, Through My Scars, the song she wrote about her walk through leukemia. Because of Mary Helen's fight with cancer, I have seen first hand the need for bone marrow donors. So, we asked people to donate online and we were able to present Eric Trosko of Be The Match with $5.5000 to sponsor more tests. We had a donor collection drive at both concerts and Eric and his team signed up many new donors.

Sojourn, the group I used to sing with, opened both concerts. Paula and Tim Stitt, Kraig Dodge (my brother), and I love to worship and sing together. We had a wonderful time being on stage together, and love the old songs we have sung for many years.

I was very blessed by these two concerts. For me, getting to sing with Sojourn again, and then to minister to many new and old friends…well, it is just a great honor and I feel so grateful for these two cities that have supported my ministry for so long!

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I don't know what journey has brought you to this place ~ but I am excited to share a bit about my journey with you.  God has been so, SO very faithful and continues to be faithful each step of the way.

I often tell people in concert that, "this is not the story I would have chosen, but it IS the story I have been given and I WILL glorify God with it."  I pray that as you browse my website that you will sense all that God has done . . . all that He is doing . . . and that in all of it God will be glorified.

While you are browsing my website ~ please take a moment to check out my blog!  That is where I have the opportunity to speak hope and encouragement into people's lives on a regular basis.  Also at my blog, you can follow the progression of grief in our life.

Please know that today ~ God has plans for YOUR life!  Sometimes those plans do not look like we think they should, but in ALL of it God is good.  Our circumstances DO NOT change the nature of God.  He is good, and faithful, and He loves you very much.  That, my friend, never changes!




























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