Enjoy this new music video for my song Greater Than Anything from my album Sunshine Lane!




Christmas In Heaven

Sarah woke up one day and found all of her hopes and dreams shattered.

But God is faithful and He has led Sarah down a long and painful journey to a place of hope and healing. Along the way, God used music to bring her through some of her darkest valleys, including the song “Christmas In Heaven.”

Several months after Chad's death, Sarah attended the Gospel Music Associations' Music Week in Nashville, and found a new producer, Paul Marino. Paul, also grieving, had just written this song with his writing partner Jeremy Johnson. Paul played Christmas in Heaven for Sarah, who knew in her heart that this was HER song to sing. God's powerful blessing allowed her to record it with Paul in Nashville later that year. That collaboration led to their writing of her entire second album, Long October Road, over the next several months.

Sarah released this song to Christian radio in December of 2008 and it climbed to #15 on the national Soft AC/Inspirational chart published by Radio & Records, the industry’s leading magazine. Sarah has sold nearly 12,000 copies of the CD single from her home.

In Dec. 2012, Sarah released her brand new Christmas in Heaven video.


2 Responses to Videos

  • Sarah, My name is Roger Tallman. By your standards I am an "old guy". By mine " i'm still 29". I was fortunate to have a very successful music company in NYC for more than 20 years winning several Emmy's for my compositions. I worked many years with the greatest singers on this planet doing commercials, and when I heard your voice you truly touched my heart & soul.  You are amazing.  Your choice of material is outstanding, and who ever is doing your recording and mixing  is doing a great job. I discovered something beautiful today, and will tell all my freinds and associates about you. Best of luck in your career. Thanks for doing what you do.  RT

  • Roger Hunt says:

    Love your recording of "Christmas in Heaven"!  Is there a performance track available for this song?  A friend of mine is making a "for the family" recording and is a soprano.  I think she would like it in the original  key.

    Please let me know where  I can get it…Thanks!

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