The Lifter of My Head

Good Morning Everybody!

Well, as I type this my evening gown for this weekend’s big event in Traverse City is hanging in my bathroom with the shower running . . . hoping all the wrinkles will disappear without me having to take it to the dry cleaner!

There is MUCH to do this week!  Tomorrow I get my hair colored so it is fresh and fabulous!  I will be doing full run-through’s of all my outfit changes.  There is a LOT of coordination to make sure that all the undergarments, shoe choices, and dress changes go off without a hitch!  Oh!  Speaking of shoe choices, I better paint my toenails!  Let’s be honest – winter in Michigan – not exactly ‘toenail season!’ 

But, bigger than all of the detail prep, the most important part is the vocal and spiritual prep.  This week I will be very intent on good sleep, great nutrition, and lots of careful vocal prep.  Beyond that, the MOST important thing anytime I step onto a stage is that I am spiritually ready to deliver the message God has for me.

This week I will be reminding folks of God’s sweet provision and encouragement to my kids and me through the song Christmas in Heaven.  You see, Christmas in Heaven was so much more than just a ‘hit song’ to me.  It came along at a time when I doubted Jeremiah 29:11 – that God had good plans for my kids and me.  Chad’s death, and my widowhood and becoming a single mama to three babies who had mounds of questions about WHY their daddy died and WHO made this happen . . . Jesus or Satan . . . left me truly doubting that God had any good plans for us!!!!  HOW, my friends?  HOW could these be good plans!  I hated my new life and longed for what was now gone! 

Then along came this precious song!  Within two weeks of releasing it the song flew to number 15 on the national Christian radio charts and number thirty on Billboard!  BILLBOARD, my friends!  That Christmas we shipped out thousands of CD’s from our little ol’ dining room table in little ol’ Midland, Michigan!  It was a very tangible way for my kids and me to see that even though these weren’t the plans WE had, it didn’t mean God wouldn’t redeem our suffering and have great and wonderful plans ahead for us.  In a sweet and loving way, God lifted our heads.  He reached down, took our chins in His hands, and pointed our eyes back to Him!  We needed that so badly!

C.A.S.T., the organization that is putting on the event in Traverse City this weekend, longs to be the physical representation of God lifting our eyes back to Him to a dark and horrible world.  You see, Citizens Against Sex Trafficking is the hands of Jesus stretched out to a world absolutely wrought in sin and sadness.  They are actively working to show sweet and desperate women that God has good plans for them . . . plans to give them a hope and a future.  That’s what C.A.S.T. is all about!  They are literally lifting the chins of young women trapped in a horrible world!

What an honor to partner with them to provide a refuge and hope to those in need . . . truly so desperately in need!

Please pray for all of us this week!

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