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Welcome!  I assume that if you are reading this you are either a grieving person or a support person to a grieving person.  I remember in the days after my husband passed away, the support people in my life were desperate to get their hands on information about this world of grief that my young children and I had just been thrust into.  There was very little information out there about what to actually expect.

There were books written from a psychological perspective regarding the stages of grief and their ebb and flow. There were books written about other people’s stories of loss and tragedy – but those books all stopped where we needed them to start . . . at the loss and the journey of recovery from loss back to normalcy . . . or shall we say that awful phrase . . . a new normal.  My mom and sister read book after book but none of them were resources on what to actually expect in the day in and day out.  There were no actual guides that peered into what grief really looks like.

In this section of my website, I hope to do just that.  My goal is to give people a month-by-month glimpse into what a grieving widow actually felt, thought about, wrestled with, and walked through.  These are the raw and transparent moments nobody wants to face.  My prayer is that if you or someone you know is facing such grief, that these pages and this journey will give you hope AND clarity. 

So many times I thought I must be nuts.  I questioned my grief.  Why in the world was I still hurting so badly after all these months?  Will the pain EVER subside?  Am I the only widow to weep 10 months later?  What about my kids? 

I pray that these pages . . . that my journey . . . will give you hope and the reassurance that you are not alone.  This is a very raw look at what grief really looks like.

There is no right or wrong way to use this resource.  If you are in month four of your own grief journey, then by all means hop to month four of my grief journey just to see if you are normal.  Ha!  Normal!  Let’s be very clear about that . . . there is no such thing as normal in a grief journey.  Yours WILL look different than mine.  Hopefully, though, my journey will strike a chord with yours and we can journey together. 

I have included some of my back story . . . the road leading up to my Long October Road . . . just to give you some idea of the love I had . . . and lost.  It will help you understand the depth of my grief.  But please remember – there is no normal.  Our journeys will look different – our grief, our wrestlings, our weeping.  There is no right or wrong . . . just individual. 

Today, if you are grieving, let me reassure you that it WILL get better.  Time WILL heal.  That is a horrible truth, as time is now your enemy . . . but please know that time will heal, my friend.  Find solace in my journey ahead . . .


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  • Ev Campbell says:

    Dear Sarah:  I am so thankful to once again be led to your website.  I followed your blog many years ago after you had lost Chad and you sent me your CD.  We even e-mailed a few times and you were such an encouragement to me during some difficult days.  I have never lost a husband, but 2 years ago, I lost my son.  He had a severe allergic reaction and passed away at the age of 24.  I've been a christian for 40 years and it has been my desire that Satan not have the victory in what we are going through.  This is a tough one as I'm still trying to figure out how to trust God and be strong in my faith with all that we are going through.

    My question for you is in regards to your children.  In one of your posts you mentioned that kids dealing with tradegy need "solid, concrete coping tools."  The reason I ask is because I have a teenage daughter that is really struggling with losing her brother.  I've talked to her about counseling but she is very private and does not want to open up with someone she does not know.  I know you are very busy, but I'm hoping you might have some suggestions.  Your website is wonderful for women dealing with loss.  Do you know of any sites for children dealing with loss that you could recommend?  I'm thinking that since you have been through what I am going through, you might be able to give me some direction in how to help her. 

    Thank you so much for all you are doing.

    Ev Campbell








  • Gwen Kirkland says:

    Sarah, I know that you are an answer to prayer. I first found your song Christmas in Heaven and from that I have been lead to you. My 37 year old son in law was tragically killed in a logging accident on October 5, 2015. He was self employed as a log truck driver and was crushed by a log in his truck. He has a nine year old daughter, a four year old son and my thirty six year old broken daughter. Ashley was the cornerstone of his little family but he was also the cornerstone of his extended family as well. He is missed so very much and the grief just will not stop. I watch my child and my grandchildren suffer each day along with my own grief and pray for help to know home to help them. Your situation sounds so very near Laura's that I know you are aware of her pain and her daily struggles. Pleas pray for each of us as we travel this m o st unwelcome path. As we enter the holiday season, the pain continues but I know God I s our refuge Nd strength. Thank you for being here and for sharing you life with us.

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