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Good Day Blogging Friends!

Well, I have been quiet since the concert in Traverse City and with VERY good reason . . .


Yep, you got it . . . we have eight puppies that are six weeks old right now!  Fortunately, up until the concert in Traverse City the babies were very easy.  Since then, we have introduced real food and wah-lah!  Life changed!

These sweet babies were born on Christmas day.  Eight F2B Medium-sized Golden Doodles!  Four boys, four girls.


What most people don’t know is that for the first four weeks, the mama cleans up all their messes.  They actually cannot pee or poop without the mama stimulating it – so – no mess for the keeper of the puppies!  The mama keeps it all clean. 

They grow and get more adorable daily – at two weeks their eyes open, at three weeks their ears open, and by four weeks they are wobbly but walking and are learning to play!  THAT, my friends, is the fun part! 

Then, at four weeks, you must introduce food.  Food that has to be soaked or cooked and softened because they still don’t really have teeth.  And then . . . poop!  REAL poop.  Not Mama Dilly breast milk poop that Mama Dilly will clean up.  Nope.  Real, stinky, bonafide poop that Sarah and Bryan must clean up . . . over and over and over again! 

So, as soon as we got home from TC, the pups were ready and actually a few days past when I should have introduced the food.  And so, our lives changed! 

For the past two weeks we have tended to, snuggled with, and cleaned up after these babies just about non-stop!  This stage is where you earn the money you make from selling these sweet babies.

Our friends Travis and Hailey snuggling pups!

Our friends Travis and Hailey snuggling pups!

Today, I can tell you who each baby is and what their new given name is.  Scout, Ginger, Leia, Sadie, Daisy, Dodger, Luke, and Kevin.  Yes, Kevin!  Isn’t that hilarious?  Most of them were named very early on and are now used to hearing their own name.  I can tell you what their personalities are and they all melt when I pick them up because they are so used to and attached to me. 

We have never had a winter litter.  Usually I have a nice big pen set up out in the garage and one out in the yard and that helps dispel the stink from the house and some of the noise. . . but alas . . . it is winter in Michigan and far too cold for either a garage pen or an outdoor pen!  They actually went outside for the first time Friday, then again yesterday.  Guess what?  Poor little babies – so tiny and cold!  One of them would get to the pile of snow at the edge of the grass and would just sit and cry.  She wouldn’t dare cross through the snow . . . lol!

So, if I seem a bit distracted and the least bit spiritual . . . it’s because I would love to go crawl back in bed right now!  But, I need to give puppies baths, prepare to teach voice lessons this afternoon, and ready these babies to go home!  The first one leaves tomorrow and by Wednesday evening we will only have two left in our possession!

Oh, I know what you are thinking . . . the question that everyone asks is, “aren’t you sad when they leave?”

Ha!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!  While I do love and adore these babies while they are in my keeping, I am thrilled to see them go to good homes and be loved as individuals instead of in a pack! 

Plus . . . I see an end to the puppy poop just ahead!  Hallelujah! 

Have a great week everyone!!!! 

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