New Music Video

Good Morning Everyone!

I want to invite you all to view my new music video!  Over the next two months we will be releasing three new music videos in preparation for our busiest season around here . . . Christmas! 

I am very busy right now, working to add a whole new section to my website that will be a 'grief resource' section.  Some of you will remember when I was posting my journals from the year after Chad passed away.  After Abbi got meningitis I got so far behind that I stopped posting them, as the idea was to give my readers a 'real-time' feel of the grieving process.  Anyhow – I have been working to get them all typed up and am going to turn part of my site into a resource center for any and all who are grieving. 

So!  It is a very busy fall!  Please stay tuned – as there should be a lot going on around here in the next couple months. 

Oh!  Not to mention the fact that I have a wedding to prepare for, a house to pack up AND a house to prepare to move into!  Busy busy!  But oh!  So good!

Blessings all!  Here is the link to my music video!  I pray it stirs deep in your spirit!


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