April 1st, 2008

(Almost six months after Chad passed away)

Well, we have been in Florida for three days now – it is wonderful.  Please bless Dave and Carol for their generosity.  I must say, the grief is easier here – away from the day in and day out of the heart ache.  It is a little break from the ache that follows me everywhere.  Please prepare us for going home. 

I had another interview with the Midland Daily News today.  Please bless Angela as she writes this story.  Guide what she says – may You be glorified, Lord!

Chad Michael!  I love and miss you!  Today, I went to Starbucks (imagine that!) and ordered a large mocha.  The girl accidentally charged me for a medium and since she had already wrung it up she just left it that way.  I handed her a $5 bill and boom – my change popped up right before my eyes . . . $1.11!  Thank you, babe, for saying ‘hi.’  (Rob and Kathy’s rental car license plate was 111 too, btw.)

When will my heart stop breaking for you?  For your smell, smile, and touch?  I miss you.  Please keep giving me signs. 

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